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List of Customer ship to locations

  • 1.  List of Customer ship to locations

    Posted Aug 25, 2021 07:32 PM
    How can I get a list of Customer Ship to Locations including addresses?

    Alexis Barrios
    Fyffes Group Ltd
    Pompano Beach FL

  • 2.  RE: List of Customer ship to locations

    Posted Aug 26, 2021 08:23 AM
    Hi Alexis,
    Here is some code I whipped up when I had to extract all the customers and currently valid addresses.  Once you run this, you can filter on IsRoleDelivery = 1 to get only the addresses that are Ship-To.

    Select CT.Partition, CT.DataAreaId, CT.AccountNum
    , CT.Party, CT.CompanyChainId
    , DPT.Name As DPTName
    , DPL1.Location
    , DPL1.IsPrimary
    , DPL1.IsPrivate
    , DPL1.IsLocationOwner
    , DPL1.IsPrimaryTaxRegistration
    , DPL1.IsRoleBusiness
    , DPL1.IsRoleDelivery
    , DPL1.IsRoleHome
    , DPL1.IsRoleInvoice
    , DPL1.AttentionToAddressLine
    , LLLPA.Description
    , LLLPA.IsPostalAddress
    , LLLPA.ParentLocation
    , LLLPA.DUNSNumberRecId
    , LLLPA.ValidFrom
    , LLLPA.CountryRegionId
    , LLLPA.State
    , LLLPA.County
    , LLLPA.City
    , LLLPA.ZipCode
    , LLLPA.Street

    From CustTable As CT
    Left Join DirPartyTable As DPT
    On CT.Party = DPT.RecId
    Left Join (
    Select DPL.Partition, DPL.Party, DPL.Location
    , DPL.IsPrimary, DPL.IsPrivate, DPL.IsLocationOwner, DPL.IsPrimaryTaxRegistration
    , DPL.IsRoleBusiness, DPL.IsRoleDelivery, DPL.IsRoleHome, DPL.IsRoleInvoice
    , DPL.AttentionToAddressLine
    From DirPartyLocation As DPL

    ) As DPL1
    On DPT.Partition = DPL1.Partition
    And DPT.RecId = DPL1.Party
    Inner Join (
    /* LogisticsLocation has the Location Description
    LPA has the postal address */
    Select LL1.Partition, LL1.LocationId, LL1.RecId
    , LL1.Description, LL1.IsPostalAddress, LL1.ParentLocation, LL1.DUNSNumberRecId
    , LPA1.ValidFrom, LPA1.CountryRegionId, LPA1.State, LPA1.County, LPA1.City, LPA1.ZipCode, LPA1.Street
    From LogisticsLocation As LL1
    Inner Join (
    Select LPA.Partition, LPA.Location, LPA.ValidFrom
    , CountryRegionId, State, County, City, ZipCode, Street
    From LogisticsPostalAddress As LPA
    Where LPA.ValidFrom <= GetDate()
    And ( LPA.ValidTo = 0 Or LPA.ValidTo >= GetDate() )
    ) As LPA1
    On LL1.Partition = LPA1.Partition
    And LL1.RecId = LPA1.Location
    ) As LLLPA
    On DPL1.Partition = LLLPA.Partition
    And DPL1.Location = LLLPA.RecId
    Left Join CountryCode
    On LLLPA.CountryRegionId = CountryCode.CountryRegionId
    Order By CT.AccountNum Asc, DPL1.IsPrimary Desc, DPL1.Location Asc

    Barclay Hershey
    Financial Analyst
    Sugar Creek Packing Co
    Cincinnati OH

  • 3.  RE: List of Customer ship to locations

    Posted Aug 26, 2021 08:38 AM

    Thanks Mr. Hershey


    This is very complicated for me.  I was trying to find an out of the box report like the Customer base data report which only shows the main information


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