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  • 1.  Manageable calendars

    Posted Sep 14, 2019 02:33 AM

    We are a retailer with 150 suppliers and 30 warehouses (will be extended to 200 suppliers and 100 warehouses to support 2000 stores).
    We have started using MRP for automatically generating purchase orders. Now, the main issue is how to define calendars. According to the Microsoft docs, for the purchasing process, the calendars priority is as follows: 1. vendor 2. item coverage 3. warehouse.

    • It should be mentioned that each item is supplied by only one vendor and vendors supply all their items with the same calendar.
    • Vendors feed warehouses with different calendars (due to each vendor-warehouse distance). 

    In order to reduce the number of calendars, we have decided not to define calendars for vendors and warehouses, we defined calendars just for items in the item coverage for each combination of vendor-warehouse (for instance, let's assume vendor code is 1817 and warehouse code is 0101, then we defined a calendar as 18170101 and assigned it to the item coverage of all items in warehouse 0101 (coverage group)).

    Now, we have 150(# of vendors) *30(# of warehouses) =4500 calendars, that is too much to handle and maintain. On the other hand, in the cold chain the calendars should be updated monthly but in the dry chain the update is weekly implemented. As you my notice, updating 4500 calendars is too time-consuming.

    We tried to replace all the calendars with defined templates. Here we have another issue because the templates are weekly and so we cannot define monthly templates.

    Thank you for any help you can offer

    Mohammad Gholami
    Ofogh Koorosh
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