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Trade Agreement Views Not Matching Posted Trade Agreement Lines

  • 1.  Trade Agreement Views Not Matching Posted Trade Agreement Lines

    Posted Sep 13, 2019 09:15 AM
    Hello all,

    I am wondering if anyone has seen this before:

    We are on AX2012 R3 and we had an odd thing happen with many of our third quarter posted sales trade agreements.  We have been using trade agreements for almost 4 years now and the same process is followed for each quarterly update.  The trade agreements as posted (PriceDiscAdmTrans table) are correctly showing the Site and warehouse, but when we look at the trade agreements from the customer or released product (PriceDiscTable), the site and warehouse are not there, as in the image here:
    Trade agreement view (PriceDiscTable) does not match Trade agreement as posted (PriceDiscAdmTrans)
    For the third quarter, we have 4,788 lines posted in PriceDiscAdmTrans, of which only 7 were explicitly posted with no Site and Warehouse specified.  However, when we view the trade agreements from the customer or item (PriceDiscTable), there are a total of 3,147 valid lines (to be expected due to duplicates and reversals in the posted journals), of which 2,060 lines are NOT showing Site and Warehouse AS IT WAS POSTED IN THE JOURNAL.

    This has only been an issue with those journals posted in May or June 2019.  We had one small update to AX in this time frame (relating to addresses for transfer orders), but there were journals affected that were posted both before and after the update, so I don't think that was an issue.  When I look at all time, it is only the trade agreements from this time period where this is happening.

    In the 3.5 years we have been posting sales trade agreements, only 235 lines out of over 53,000 posted were ever explicitly posted without a site and warehouse.  If I look at PriceDiscTable for all time outside of third quarter, there is no mass showing of missing Site and Warehouse as there is for third quarter.

    When the people posting the journals see that site and warehouse are there on the lines, they have no reason to suspect that they are not showing up in the trade agreement views.  And if they are not showing up in the view, they are also not being used appropriately on sales order lines.  For now, I have been monitoring the trade agreement views, and for those journals that have been posted since July, all are appearing properly in PriceDiscTable, so it may not be an issue anymore.

    But this is so bizarre that I am wondering if anyone else has ever seen this.

    Thank you,

    Susan Lindner
    The Shepherd Holding Company

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