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Customer "Payment Days"

  • 1.  Customer "Payment Days"

    Posted 14 days ago

    I am interested to understand how "Payment Days" handles invoices due on Monday and Friday when the payment day is set to Wednesday (for example). Will it draft early for the Friday invoice and late for the Monday invoice or will it only draft after the invoice due date? If the latter, then we are giving the customers extra cash float and causing us to draw on our line unnecessarily.


    You can use payment days to define the payment day used for calculating the due date. Payment day can be specified for either a day in the week or in the month. This helps payment proposal to suggest those customer invoices that should be brought into the customer payment journal for posting. The date should be entered as a numeral, such as 10, rather than an ordinal number like 10th.

    Accounts receivable > Payments setup > Payment days


    Travis Kurtz
    Mansfield Oil Company
    Gainesville GA

  • 2.  RE: Customer "Payment Days"

    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Kelly Kane 13 days ago
    Hi Travis,

    I set up a Payment day of Wednesday and applied it to a Vendor in the system.

    Payment day of Wednesday

    I then created a PO for that vendor, received it and as I invoiced it, I changed the Invoice posting dates. Here are the results:
    Invoice posting date of 3/20
    Invoice posting date of 3/20 makes the Due date Wednesday, 3/25.

    Invoice posting date 3/27
    Invoice posting date of 3/27 changes the due date to Wednesday, 4/1.

    It always appears to use the Wednesday after the entered Invoice posting date instead of pulling it forward, even if the date is in the future (like my 3/27 example).

    However, I also noted that Invoice date will override what is entered in the posting date and due date will be the Wednesday following the Invoice date, regardless if the posting date is after the Wednesday due date. See below:

    Invoice date

    Hope this helps!

    Kelly Kane
    Customer Experience Manager
    Ellipse Solutions LLC
    Dayton OH

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