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Summit 2019 Feedback on sessions

  • 1.  Summit 2019 Feedback on sessions

    Posted Nov 06, 2019 10:57 AM
    Good morning all,

    First off, I want to say I enjoy being part of AXUG, and the environment of helpfulness, but, I was disappointed in Summit 2019.

    Summit 2019 was severely lacking in Sessions for AX2012, and I could have almost stayed home and got the same info without expending the funds attending.

    I realize Microsoft is excited about D365, as are a lot of medium to large companies, but a lot of the smaller companies are not in a
    position to upgrade to this product because of their customization's or the cost, and we still need the knowledge and skills relating to the earlier versions of AX.

    My company is on AX2012R2_CU7 and I am taking us up to R3_CU13. We have no plans in the foreseeable future of going to D365 as the cost of having to implement the environment is ridiculous. (5 to 7 servers just to begin? Really?) I have 30 users on AX, run on-prem 1 AOS and 1 SQL server, and until Microsoft can get D365 on-prem to run in that 2 server scenario, we will not be upgrading.

    There are a lot of companies still on AX2012R2, AX2012, and even AX2009, and we need the knowledge and sharing that Summit provides. I would say, that in future Summits, add another track for older versions of AX and allow that accumulated knowledge to be shared, as it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your attention,


    Michael Shelton
    Application Development Analyst
    Tulsa Airport Improvement Trust
    Tulsa OK

  • 2.  RE: Summit 2019 Feedback on sessions

    Posted Nov 12, 2019 08:05 AM
    Hi Michael,

    I am sorry to hear the Summit did not deliver on your expectations.

    Telling from the AXUG conversations I am privy to, as an advisory board member, there is a keen awareness many of our members are on earlier versions, and that AXUG activities need to accommodate these members.

    Based on your feedback it seems we can do better, as a group.

    I see you are a developer, was your main interest related to technical issues?
    I am a functional consultant, so I have less visibility to your area, from a functional point of view I attended or saw quite a few sessions that were either specific to AX2012 or discussed functionality that exists "as is" in both D365 and AX2012.

    It would be good to hear more what specifically you were looking for so it is a feedback the track leads can use for next year.

    BTW, the people choosing the agenda for the conference are users like you - it would be great if you could volunteer next year to help in forming the technical track, and "represent" the AX2012 users perspective.

    Zvika Rimalt
    Functional Consultant
    Vancouver BC


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