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Integrating D365 and AX2012R3

  • 1.  Integrating D365 and AX2012R3

    Posted Nov 29, 2018 05:03 PM
    I have several ERP's (including AX2012R3) that I am going to migrate to D365 over the next 2.5 years.
    One option that I have is to leave the AX2012R3 implementation in place as the 'hub' and migrate the other ERP's to D365, then integrate D365 to my AX2012R3.

    Due to the temporary nature of this integration, we not interested (at this time) in investing in a Integration platform, just looking to get the job done.

    What are my options for integrating D365 with AX2012R3?


    Joe Arnaldo
    Fluidigm Corporation
    South San Francisco CA

  • 2.  RE: Integrating D365 and AX2012R3

    Posted Nov 30, 2018 01:33 AM

    Hi Joe,

    What kind of integration are you looking for ? A real time integration or just a data sync?
    Data sync is the simpler of the two. Basically the complexity of integration is driven by factors like

    - Where is your R3? On-prem or on cloud ? If D365 is on cloud, which is the data center? 

    -Volume of data

    -If it is beyond data sync then which are the specific functional area that needs integrations (Example: only sales is easier than may be others)

    My two cents: Going the Integrations way is not worth the effort and trouble you will have to take.
    Have you considered taking the overall goal of moving to D365 in two parallel tracks? 

    - One project to move other ERPs to D365
    - Parallel project to upgrade R3 to D365

    Because of the the Extension model, both the parallel systems can be maintained and you can merge the two mid way though the program and go live in less than a year!

    Let me know if you need more information on this. 

    Rathi Rao,
    Sonata Software Limited
    Fremont CA

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