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Required files for BAI2 Advanced Bank Reconciliation

  • 1.  Required files for BAI2 Advanced Bank Reconciliation

    Posted Nov 12, 2021 10:10 PM
    Edited by Jeff Orris Nov 12, 2021 10:27 PM
    Greetings All,

    I don't have access to a client VM to access VS Dev Env in the cloud to get the required following files to setup BAI2 advanced bank reconciliation/import:

    • BAI2CSV-to-BAI2XML.xslt
    • BAI2XML-to-Reconciliation.xslt
    • BankReconciliation-to-Composite.xslt
    • SampleBankCompositeEntity.xml

    Resource name File name
    BankStmtImport_BAI2CSV_to_BAI2XML_xslt BAI2CSV-to-BAI2XML.xslt
    BankStmtImport_BAI2XML_to_Reconciliation_xslt BAI2XML-to-Reconciliation.xslt
    BankStmtImport_BankReconciliation_to_Composite_xslt BankReconciliation-to-Composite.xslt
    BankStmtImport_SampleBankCompositeEntity_xml SampleBankCompositeEntity.xml

    These can be found in Resources in the Application Explorer tree.  I'm a CRM dev trying to fill in as much as I can from what I know of ERP so I haven't setup a dev environment on a VM in my clients environment which is a requirement now from what I seen in some research to be able to access the Application Tree.

    My client has limited availability (and very little KT the previous consultants gave them) and am hoping if someone could just post these as .txt files for me.  This task has been lingering for a while and need to get this done quickly.  Any help getting me these files so I can config the bank statement imports would be TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL!


    Jeff Orris
    Jeffrey Steven Orris - Independent Consultant

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