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Payroll in AX 2012 R2

  • 1.  Payroll in AX 2012 R2

    Posted 10 days ago
    We are currently processing payroll in-house using the AX 2012 R2 payroll module.  Tax tables are no longer being updated, so we need to find a new solution:(.

    Does anyone have recommendations for in-house payroll software?  Ideally, we would find something that integrates with AX 2012 R2.  I have found that AX 2012 R2 no longer integrates with most third party software options, so I would also like recommendations for payroll software solutions that integrate with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

    Thanks for your help!

    Amy Axness
    J&D Manufacturing
    Eau Claire WI

  • 2.  RE: Payroll in AX 2012 R2

    Posted 9 days ago

    We are running payroll internally using D365 F&O, and luckily tax tables are being supported up to 2021. However we are in the same boat of finding another payroll solution after the tax tables are no longer supported. We have taken a look at Loki Advanced Payroll but what they offer is their own independent payroll ISV that sits in top of D365, in other words it doesn't communicate or extend the standard payroll module from D365. This will mean that we will have to basically re-implement the whole payroll system again. There is an integration with Ceridian payroll to D365FO, but from my understanding is that the whole payroll is done within ceridian service and they just provide a GL file to import to D365 General ledger module.

    I am also curious to know what other companies in the same boat are doing, also if further payroll integrations are being done with the new D365 human resources product that just launch this month.


    Juan Sebastian Grijalba
    Berkowitz Pollack Brant


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