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  • 1.  D365 Slowness

    Posted Feb 20, 2020 03:25 PM
    Does anyone experience D365 slowness?  We are trying to diagnose and have been looking at our network, cabling, systems etc although everything else is running normal.  We also have tried launching in different browsers and experience the same latency.

    • A file that normally takes 30 minutes to upload took 2.5 hours today
    • Invoicing hangs for 7 minutes before completing
    • Year end close took 4 hours 20 minutes when it normally takes 10 minutes
    • Tasks where things h ang for a long time that used to be a few seconds

    Anyone else experiencing these issues or have advice on how to diagnose?  Much appreciated.  

    Jennifer Vanselow
    Augeo Affinity Marketing
    St. Paul MN

  • 2.  RE: D365 Slowness

    Posted Feb 20, 2020 07:20 PM
    Are you on-prem or in the cloud? Are you running any large batch jobs throughout the day, e.g., MRP?

    Ian Gorman, PMP, MCSE
    Senior Consultant

  • 3.  RE: D365 Slowness

    Posted Feb 21, 2020 06:33 AM
    Edited by Heather McGrew-Ritz Feb 21, 2020 06:51 AM
    Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, we are experiencing the same thing since Jan 27th or 28th and have an active ticket open with Microsoft right now on it. So far (as of yesterday) they haven't identified the underlying issue or fix.

    Update: One thing to add as I realized I didn't in my original message, we are on a cloud environment (app 10.0.6/platform 30).  It started out of the blue for us and has been inconsistent such as a longer job for us that normally takes 90 minutes, had been taking anywhere from 5 to 13.5 hours to complete. It's every batch job for us that seems to be impacted.

    Heather McGrew-Ritz
    Vionic Group LLC
    San Rafael CA

  • 4.  RE: D365 Slowness

    Posted Feb 23, 2020 06:07 PM
    What kind of business are you using this for?  Is there any specific areas of the system that you find is really slow?

    Jeff Matthews
    Kent Building Supplies
    Saint John NB

  • 5.  RE: D365 Slowness

    Posted Feb 24, 2020 03:25 AM
    We are also facing slowness problem all over D365, specially batch jobs after upgrade to (upgrade 31). Even direct SQL queries are also respond late as compared to before upgrade.

    Hassan Rahman
    Solutions Developer
    Arla Foods - Saudi Arabia

  • 6.  RE: D365 Slowness

    Posted Feb 24, 2020 07:32 AM
    Hi Jennifer,

    Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is also experiencing performance issues. We have around 6500 active users. We are currently in version 10.0.6 aiming at updating to v.10.0.9 in April. It is mainly happening in People related tables and mainly in those forms where we have customizations using temporary tables. Our implementation partner is currently in contact with MS regarding one of the customisations using temp tables that is not properly working when truncating tables blocking statements. So far the advice is to upgrade to the latest version. We have one testing environment in v.10.0.8 where only the technical team has access to, so it is just like comparing apples and oranges :-( 
    We assume that there have been some changes in the backend regarding temporary tables but it is only MS who can shed some light on this.
    If I get more inputs, I can keep you posted.


    Ana Torres

    Head of the Competency Center (ERP Unit)
    Danish Refugee Council

    Ana Torres
    Danish Refugee Council

  • 7.  RE: D365 Slowness

    Posted Feb 28, 2020 07:21 PM
    This is one of the big concerns I have with D365 in the cloud (Second to the astronomically high cost of MS hosting, of course.)  I'm eager to hear how quickly this problem is resolved, although it seems like it has taken MS a very long time so far.

    Has anyone heard anything from MS about it?  Is MS the only one that can fix it for you, or can you engage someone else if MS can't resolve it quickly enough for you?  has this cause business disruption?  Will MS compensate you for the disruption, if any?

    Daniel Zook
    Director of IT
    Dalton OH

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