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Cloud hosted environment VM - sizing tier 2 equivalent.

  • 1.  Cloud hosted environment VM - sizing tier 2 equivalent.

    Posted Feb 04, 2021 05:29 AM
    Hi All.

    We are looking to deploy a cloud hosted environment to do some SIT testing and would like this to match Tier 2 UAT as best it can.

    It's proving difficult to find any info on the standard tier 2 environment spec for me to deploy an equivalent cloud hosted environment.

    Does anyone have an idea or recommend a size that closely fits?

    By the way deploying an add-on tier 2 is out of the question.

    Kind Regards, Ainsley.

    Ainsley Jackson
    Software development
    Birchgrove WA

  • 2.  RE: Cloud hosted environment VM - sizing tier 2 equivalent.

    Posted Feb 04, 2021 05:59 AM

    I stumbled across this article by Kurt Hatlevik with some useful insights. https://kurthatlevik.com/2019/03/27/dynamics-365-fo-selecting-the-correct-tier-level-on-your-sandboxes/

    It states that the AOS on tier 2's are generally D12/DS12/DS12_v2 with 4 CPU and 28 Gb RAM and 8x500Gb storage

    Albeit it is from 2019 and lots has changed, but it's at least something to go on.

    Ainsley Jackson
    Software development

  • 3.  RE: Cloud hosted environment VM - sizing tier 2 equivalent.

    Posted Feb 05, 2021 08:56 AM
    I think this will be a difficult trick given that the Tier-2 is a multi-box environment and the cloud hosted environments are all single box.  Just an FYI to the group, we had a similar need to do performance testing with an addon Tier-5 instance.  Getting this instance purchase and deployed was extremely difficult.  The reseller did not understand the addon options that Microsoft was making available, the pricing was all over the place (and expensive), and once purchased, it was a fight with the devil to get Microsoft to recognize the license and make it available in LCS.

    Microsoft is capable of growing an environment without even taking it down.  We did this in our production environment when we could not get Microsoft to provide any information on how the environment is resized.  We simply published our environment estimate in LCS and it expanded from a Tier-2 to a Tier-5 almost immediately.  Since a Tier-5 test environment is expensive and generally not needed 24/7/365, it would be nice if Microsoft gave you the same option for the Tier-2 test environment.  Scale it up to perform brief performance testing.  Scale it back down when you are done.

    Mark Schurmann
    Accounting Systems Manager
    Automobile Protection Corp
    Norcross GA

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