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Direct Delivery inventory visability

  • 1.  Direct Delivery inventory visability

    Posted Sep 10, 2020 01:58 PM
    I am looking for some best practice, operational insights with regards to managing the inventory supplied by direct delivery vendors. We are on AX 2012R3, we are not setup with an EDI program, and we have a fairly substantial number of SKUs supplied directly from vendor to customer. These are non-commitment vendors who do not need forecasts, it's simply "unlimited" demand and supply. With the recent pandemic, some items we have been selling unreservedly for years are suddenly not available. It has become clear that we need a better system with our vendors to keep in view what they have to supply and when, communication-wise or operationally.  We do not want to make any modifications to DAX to support an inventory count. We need to know when they plan on having stock if out, when there are new items, and when items are being discontinued. Does anyone have a recommended method or practice other than the purchase of an add-on?  If an add-on is the best way, any recommendations there?  We did review VendorNet and it is much more than we need.
    Very appreciative of your time, thank you!

    Janine Breton
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