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  • 1.  Edit Production Batch in End Status

    Posted Mar 14, 2022 09:37 AM
    On occasion, my production team mistakenly marks a batch to "End" status before fully issuing all materials, hours or they made a mistake on the entry.  Can you edit a Batch in end status or reopen/change the status to fix these errors?  We are currently AX2012 R3 in the process of upgrading to AX365 this year.  I think I know the answer, but the issues the errors cause are significant to the financials, so it's worth asking.

    Edward Reusch
    GFS Chemicals, Inc.
    Powell OH

  • 2.  RE: Edit Production Batch in End Status

    Posted Mar 15, 2022 08:21 AM
    Hi Edward,

    Not without some customization.  We had a similar issue, and we developed custom reports that calculate the costs of the production order in its current state and compare to the standard cost.  Any large variances are investigated and corrected before we move the production order to End status. The key is to make the report user friendly so they can determine very quickly that an item was not issued to the production that should have been.  If the report just shows large variances and the users have go through several screens to find out the root cause then it will be too hard to use.


    Barclay Hershey
    Financial Analyst
    Sugar Creek Packing Co
    Cincinnati OH

  • 3.  RE: Edit Production Batch in End Status

    Posted Mar 24, 2022 05:04 AM
    I agree strongly with barclay. MS didn't allow resetting of ended Prod Orders for a reason. Once you have rolled up your wip and realize your stock, it could get very messy to go back again.
    Far batter to put controls in place to stop the issue happening than fix it after.

    Sadly, assessing prod cost / variance is something lacking in 2012. I know MS have invested some time on cost control in recent versions of f&o, but I am yet to see it integrate with the ending process. Is an area I intend to investigate as I guess this has been on the feature requests for a long time!!

    Good luck!

    Steven Eland
    Steven Eland

  • 4.  RE: Edit Production Batch in End Status

    Posted Mar 25, 2022 08:03 AM
    Edited by Jeremy McBride Mar 25, 2022 08:05 AM

    Hello Edward,

    We have a customization for this, but it functions very poorly. Let's assume an operator consumed all the correct raw materials but forgot to record 1 tag/batch of material; making each other finished goods cost proportionally higher than expected: 

    The better process in 2012R3 I use is to first dump to excel the transactions and manually mock up what they should have looked like including all raw material, labor, finished goods, etc and calculate proper financials for each transaction that should have taken place. 

    Under Inventory Management>Periodic>Closing and Adjustment, select Adjustment at the top and click Transactions. On this screen, click Select and apply a filter that ties directly to the order in question. In my environment, I had to modify the base query on this screen to include "Inventory transactions originator" so that I can filter on the 'Number' field and key off the production order number in the criteria.

    Click OK and you should get an adjustment screen for that specific order; you may need to further personalize this screen under Inventory>Dimensions display at the top to get inventory tag level information to verify you are adjusting the correct lines. 

    Subtract the necessary values in the 'edit now' column to match up with what was manually calculated in excel and click Post; you'll be given a confirmation screen with a note field to explain why you're making the edit. Then under Inventory Management > Journals > Inventory Adjustment (or Movement, depending on your organizational requirements) Click new, pick the corresponding Journal type 'name', add a description ie 'correction for missing goods on order123', click Lines, and fill out the necessary fields for the adjustment journal. Assign the value in this journal to also match what was calculated in excel and post this as well. 

    It sounds much more complicated than it truly is, but grants you control to manually correct errors like these. We have a ton of customizations in our environment, but I believe these instructions work under base functionality.

    Hope this helps! If necessary I can put together an example of this process on video.
    Jeremy McBride
    Oscar Winski Company, Inc
    Lafayette IN

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