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Sales Order Input Automation

  • 1.  Sales Order Input Automation

    Posted Mar 12, 2019 11:53 AM

    AX Version: AX 2012 CU3


    Hi Everyone,

    I am working on Sales Order process enhancement to automate the Sales Order entry into AX.

    Currently, the Sales Order comes into AX either automatically (CRM, EDI etc.) or manually (Purchase Order from Customer is entered manually into the system).

    We are internally discussing the implementation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as an alternative to the manual input from the Purchase Order.

    In past, I have worked in small scale OCR project and I believe, converting data from pdf document would be comparatively achievable.

    I am gathering information on the implementation of the project in two major steps.

    • Converting document into a readable file using an OCR software (in-house project (better performance) or free software available online (better use of time))
    • Pushing data from the readable file into the AX tables.

    My thought process includes using OCR S/W => Readable File (.csv file) => DIXF to push data to tables related to Sales Order.

    Would this process help me achieve sales order automation? Is this approach viable from a business point of view?

    Please provide suggestions/opinions on the issue. Either modifications to my thought process or a completely different process are appreciated.

    I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to go through the scenario and providing the suggestions. 

    Vishal Anumolu
    CMC Group
    Bowling Green OH

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