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Cost management Power BI content not poplulating

  • 1.  Cost management Power BI content not poplulating

    Posted Aug 21, 2019 01:31 PM
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    We are on Dynamics version 10.0.4 and cannot figure out why the Power BI reports on the Cost administration and Cost analysis workspaces do not populate with data. The reports are under the tabs on these workspaces:

    Cost administration workspace:
    - Inventory accounting status
    - Manufacturing accounting status

    Cost analysis workspace:
    - Inventory accounting analysis
    - Manufacturing accounting analysis
    - Std. cost variance analysis

    Documentation on this can be found here and it states:

    "The Power BI content is built on the CostObjectStatementCacheMonthly aggregated measurement, which has the CostObjectStatementCache table as its primary data source. This table is managed by the Data set cache framework. By default, the table is updated every 24 hours, but you can change the update frequency or enable manual updates in the configuration of the data set cache. Manual updates can be run in either the Cost administration workspace or the Cost analysis workspace.

    After every update of the CostObjectStatementCache table, the CostObjectStatementCacheMonthly aggregated measurement must updated before data in the Power BI visualizations is updated."

    I checked the CostObjectStatementCache table and it does contain data. What else might need to be set up in order for the Power BI content to populate? A sample screen shot showing the empty reports is attached.

    Jack Ogle
    DFW Heavy Duty
    Forth Worth TX

  • 2.  RE: Cost management Power BI content not poplulating

    Posted Aug 21, 2019 04:18 PM
    I'd start by confirming you don't have any filters applied.  Off to the right there's a black bar "Filters", that flys out with filters.  I'm guessing you're currently filtered onto a year or legal entity that does not have any data.  The fact that the analytical work space opens up means you have some data in there, its just you've somehow filtered it all out.

    Colby Gallagher
    Manufacturing Systems Consultant
    Agility Business Solutions
    Brecksville OH


  • 3.  RE: Cost management Power BI content not poplulating

    Posted Aug 21, 2019 04:54 PM
    Filtering was the first thing I thought but I can set the filters to "All" and still no data. I did notice that one of the reports had the "USMF" company in the filter by default, but changing to our company did nothing. Should the filters automatically apply when set since there's no Apply or Save button?

    Jack Ogle
    DFW Heavy Duty
    Forth Worth TX


  • 4.  RE: Cost management Power BI content not poplulating

    Posted Aug 22, 2019 03:40 AM
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    Dear Jack,

    It's not completely the same but it reminds me of the same issue we had with another embedded PowerBI workspace, the CFO Overview. We came to the conclusion that the reports were not populated because we didn't configure the Accounts in our CoA completely. We configured them to be either P&L or BSheet relevant. For the CFO Overview to populate you also need to define the next level (see attached screen snip).

    As said, it's not completely comparable but you might want to look in this direction.

    If you find the solution, appreciate if you share.

    Best regards,

    Leonardus Smits


  • 5.  RE: Cost management Power BI content not poplulating

    Posted Aug 22, 2019 08:58 AM

    I too spent a lot of time trying to get this to work and I was able to get it working but it was not easy.


    This article helped me...


    Two out of Four of these items at the bottom were an issue.

    First I didnt have the right privledges in AZURE.

    I also didnt get the check boxes in and the API quite right so I had to re-register.

    PART TWO: Before you do this Step above what you might want to do is...

    Go out to LCS, and library and find this Inventory PBI Report that got deployed.

    Open it up and change the connection or check it (in PBI Desktop) and see if you are getting any data. It could be a bad model or old version.

    Take a look to see what it does and if it meets the requirements.

    PART THREE: Caution and Word to the Wise

    D365FO and PBI is what I do and love. I have a whole solution and built all my own entities.

    I always take the things that Microsoft gives us in the PBI realm and I open it up, tear it apart, and then put it back together to see if there is anything usable.

    Attached is a file I put together that took the best of all there terribly constructed and nonsensical files and I put something together to see how much it could really do.

    What I am trying to say is that dont waste your time, or dont expect this to be revolutionary and game changing. Whats there may meet the requirements of what you are doing but I doubt it.
    @Leonardus Smits referenced a similar issue with CFO and GL Content Pack (which is egregious I might add and criminal to hardcore Account Categories the way they do!)

    In the Cost Management Model EXAMPLE:

    There is no item/released product. They created a power bi model (actually two) that dont go down to an item level in Inventory. They leverage the Item Group but because of aggregation they were probably concerned about this rendering the data in the embeded workspace as too slow. It is hard to have inventory without items in your report???

    Disclaimer - It has been about a year since I tore them apart and really dove into them. But I dont see any major changes in the entities they are using.

    PART FOUR: Embeded PBI Workspaces

    I have also heard rumors that embeded PBI in workspaces is going to be replaced or just deprecated in some fashion in the near future. Melinda of Microsoft at the D365FO User Group Summit in May or June demoed a whole new frame work for PBI and workspaces and the embeded piece is just not good enough and what you listed out was built and designed off the 2012 Data Cubes in SSAS which were even worse.

    I say all that to say... It is informative knowing how the connections work and the PBI integration but temper your expectations around what you might get from these files.

    I did a whole presentation at AXUG and AXUG in Europe this year on this topic.

    Attached is the PBI Model I created and my slide deck!

    Hope this helps and I didnt throw too much additional info at you :)!

    Chad Carnes
    Director of Consulting and Solutions
    McKinney TX


  • 6.  RE: Cost management Power BI content not poplulating

    Posted Aug 22, 2019 10:11 AM

    You have to refresh your data entity.
    Sytem Admin = Entity Store then you select which entity you want to refresh (you cold setup a batch) and then click on Refresh.

    Note: PBi should be deployed first and you have to link LCS also and bring back the Required entity from the asset librairy*


    Vincent Chevallereau

    vincent chevallereau
    D365 F&0 Solution Architect
    Redmond WA


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