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November 2020 Community meeting

  • 1.  November 2020 Community meeting

    Posted 12 days ago
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    Dear Vancouver members,

    There's one week to go before our next community meeting.

    Register here

    Nov 19, 2020 8:00 AM (PT)
    Ends:  Nov 19, 2020 11:15 AM (PT)
    Join us for the next D365 F&O/AXUG VIRTUAL User Group meeting.  We are excited to connect all of the Canadian groups together for this session of learning!

    Agenda (Pacific)
    8am - Opening remarks & DCI Community changes
    8:10am - Prophix
    • Automate budgeting, mitigate risk by developing what-if scenarios, forecast across multiple business units, departments, and regions. 
    • Build intuitive financial and operational models to support evolving strategy
    9:15am - Microsoft (Asset Leasing)
    10:15am Think Max (RSAT Regression Suite Automation Testing)
    11:15am - Closing

    A note that our D365 CE/CRM group will be meeting from 11pm-2pm (Teams link found here).  Feel free to review the agenda and join this session as well.

    There will also be an all-up Virtual Happy Hour found here starting at 2pm Mountain time

    Online Instructions:

    Christopher Ho Yee
    Altius Consulting
    Richmond BC

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