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AX365 database replication to AZURE

  • 1.  AX365 database replication to AZURE

    Posted Jan 28, 2019 11:27 AM
    Have anyone know of any tool or addon or any way to do database replication from the AX365 Prod to a another Azure SQL so we can read the data and make more use of our data.  We are only looking for a read only replication from AX365 to Azure SQL... so we are not writing anything back to  AX365 database.

    ANY help would be so thanksful


    Paul Huynh
    Inolex Chemical Co.

  • 2.  RE: AX365 database replication to AZURE

    Posted Apr 26, 2019 09:42 AM
    So, old post but thought I'd throw in my comment.

    You'll have no direct access allowance to the D365 PROD DB.  But currently you have the options of using the Entity Store DB (AXDW) which as of the PU25, is now capable of being synced to Azure Datalake of your choosing and with a trickle feed option.  This is supposedly going to support transactional data in the near future (go check out the release notes).

    You also have the option of the BYOD option which has some maturity to it now, that allows for data entities to be exported, via batch jobs, to a an Azure SQL DB.  From within AX, you have the option to enable "Create clustered column store Indexes" but that requires a premium DB for allowing Direct Query if you're interested in PowerBI.  This is a bit restrictive in that you may not have the data entity(s) that you need and may need to extend or create new ones to be exported.

    You do have an option for CDS feeds, but this is not recommended for moving large amounts of data.

    And lastly, LCS does have a DB copy service request.  If you're ok with a day to day approach, you might find a way to just copy the DB every night down to a selected instance.

    Solomon Maricle
    Technical Solutions Architect
    PAR Technology
    Morris NY

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