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    Posted Jun 01, 2019 08:33 PM
    So based on the feedback from many of our members here are the results. 

    1. Rank the order of what platform you would like to see presented in our meetings? Response: 1. D365F&O, 2-3 AX2012 and AX2009 tied. 
    2. What ERP platform is your company operating on now? Response: Majority D365F&O, but then a mix of AX2012 and AX2009. AX2009 is still going strong with members. 
    3. If possible at future point, would you like to have the option to be able to log in and view local meetings online? Response: 100% said Yes. 
    4. Do you currently use Microsoft Power BI? Response: About 70% said they are using some form of Power BI, 15% said they are using Excel and 15% said they are not using Power BI in any form. 
    5. Would you like to learn more about Microsoft Power BI? Response: 100% said Yes. 
    6. Would you like to learn about reporting capabilities in D365F&O out of the box, financial reports (management reporter) and Power BI? Response: 100% said Yes. 
    7. Would you like to learn about Microsoft's LCS (Life Cycle Services)? Response: 85% said Yes, and 15% said No. 
    8. Would you like to learn about Microsoft Flow? Response: 100% said Yes. 
    9. Would you like to learn about Power Apps? Response: 100% said Yes. 
    10. Would you like to learn about Microsoft CRM, like D365 for CE? Response: 71% said Yes. 14 % said No, and 15% said a write of Field Services. So Field Services is of interest as well. 
    11. What industries/platforms would you like to see covered in meetings? Response: Many industries are represented among our members. For example, food manufacturing, Life sciences, Distribution, Construction/Equipment, and Professional services.  
    12. What modules would like to learn the most about? Response: Basically every single module. 

    Thanks to the members that participated in the survey!

    Anders Johansson
    Chapter Leader
    ERP Functional Analyst

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