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  • 1.  Test / Trial Version

    Posted Mar 29, 2015 07:14 PM

    Hello People

    can you anyone help . 

    I would like to install AX application - test environment apps on my local computer --- how could i do that please ? 

    Kind Regards



  • 2.  RE: Test / Trial Version

    Posted Apr 17, 2015 06:33 AM

    You are probably going to get more responses if you posted this in the main 'Open Forum', but I will try to give my 2p

     These days it's a bit hard to get AX to install on a local computer because of the size/system resources it requires (last time I check you needed I think at least 32Gb of RAM, etc.)


    Microsoft is offering an alternative.

    You can deploy a Cloud/Azure demo environment through your partner source/client source account. From experience it works quite well, though not without a £$£$£$£$

    Zvika Rimalt
    Business Analyst
    ZR Technology Consulting
    Vancouver BC

  • 3.  RE: Test / Trial Version

    Posted Apr 23, 2015 08:06 AM

    Simple Solution, the VPC is available on the Microsoft Partner site where you will get latest Product on VPC.

    You only have to Installed Oracle Virtual Box or Hyperv to run the VPC.

     The Benifits of VPC.

    1. Every Single Process is Mapped in The VPC.

    2. All the Demo Data available with all the Verticals.

    3. everything is up and Running, we have to Just start VPC and Start Playing with it.

    4. it requires 16 GB RAM on laptop which is then given to VPC upto 12GB.

    5. once VPC is Shutdown, 16GB is utilized for Laptop.

    6. You can take VPC anywhere, if it is on Laptop.

    7. no need to install Ax 2012, SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, Sharpoint as everything is Part of VPC.

    I am Using Ax 2012 R3 VPC for Demonstration Purpose to Client and Self Learning.

    Nirav Modi
    Project Manager - Ax
    INDUSA Technical Corp

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