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Where is AXUG - Wisconsin headed?

  • 1.  Where is AXUG - Wisconsin headed?

    Posted Mar 15, 2019 12:52 PM
    ​I'm asking members of the Wisconsin chapter to consider assisting in leading this chapter. I've had some inquiries lately about our direction, and this is a great opportunity to be involved.

    What do we need to happen?
    • Program: there is a wide range of topics, and not limited to AX. Finding participants is the primary work of leading the group. And it doesn't have to be one person; in fact, it shouldn't be.
    • Facilities: Thankfully, Microsoft has consistently offered us their space, but alternative spaces can be more convenient for some of our members, which can take some effort.
    • Communication: helping spread the word is so easy with AXUG, but there are also non-members who are interested in the group. 
    • Coordination: making sure everything goes without a hitch.
    • Calendar: when & how often?
    • Support from your company. Yeah, they paid the membership. But it sure helps to have explicit permission to spend the time & effort to put together an event.
    • Donuts: well, we don't have to, but they are nice.
    Let us know.

    Mark Prouty
    Programmer / Analyst
    ANGI Energy Systems
    Janesville WI

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