New Academy class this February!

By Shane Wolf posted 17 days ago

D365UG/AXUG is bringing the new course Academy - Practical Introduction to R to the schedule this February! 

Many Power BI users will know about R, an open-source language popular with data scientists. Some will have heard that R is well integrated into Power BI.  But Power BI is an all-round tool to analyse data – connect, clean, model, visualize and share. What extra value could R add that would make the effort of learning it worthwhile?

The class will be held Feb. 28 - Feb. 29 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

This course is a practical hands-on introduction to R for business analysts.  It will help attendees get started with R and use it productively.  It teaches what analysts are most likely to need in their daily work; loading, cleaning, tidying, visualizing and transforming data to calculate results and gain insight.

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"It’s not all about Power BI. As mentioned R (along with Python perhaps) is the language of data science – a little knowledge about R opens the door to predictive analytics and machine learning. My 2 day ‘Practical Introduction To R’, starting on the 28th Feb, covers these topics as well as geospatial mapping, transforming data, and visualization. And of course, we’ll go into detail about how to integrate your R script into Power BI."
 - Instructor, Mark Wilcock

Course Structure
This a 2 day workshop.  The format will be 20% lecture, 20% demo and 60% hands-on exercises.  No previous knowledge of R is required to join the course.  For the sessions, worked example will be provided although students are expected to work through the exercises as much as possible and only view the worked example if they need to.
We'll use lots of examples from wide variety of public data sets. We’ll look at how much people in different countries drink – and how long they live; model Titanic's passengers’ survival; analyse a BBC News article, and then some financial documents; visualize the risk profile of a (fictitious) bank and analyse London property sales.

If you have any questions, please contact