How much VSTS release management for your next Dynamics 365 Operations project?

By Moutasem Alawa posted 04-19-2017 01:32 AM


In a classical ERP project, there is a list of known bottlenecks that organizations have used to, to the extent that it feels unusual when challenged.

Release management and automated deployment is one of these areas, as usually there is an IT team whose responsible to manually govern and deploy releases.

It’s all manual. Release notes generation is Manual. Release governance and authorization is Manual. Release deployment is… You guessed it, Manual.

Even if you have few automated deployment steps, it’s still a manual process that orchestrates the bigger picture.

In Dynamics AX 2012 for example, there are common deployment steps mostly done manually due to complexity of automating. Things like: Stop AOSes, Deploy Modelstore, Start AOS, Generate full CIL, Synchronize, Start the Environment etc…

Good news now with D365 Operations, the actual deployments are either fully scripted (Runbooks) or fully automated (LCS Deployment), as it depends on which environment tier we’re talking about.

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