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License Plate Tracking Removal

By Hrithi Sara posted Aug 06, 2019 11:05 AM


Hello All,

We are working in D365 V10 and we use WMS process.

Few Items after receiving from vendor goes to quality location (QMS) where license plate gets generated. Now Quality team is not happy with LP tracking and want to remove it. We cannot remove LP for existing QMS location because Inventory exists in that location.

We created a new location with NO license plate tracking. (QMS_NonLP), then we tried to process the Item but still it is asking for 'TARGET LP' when moving Item from QMS_NonLP to final picking location.

Explained below scenario for better clarity.


Receive Item A in Location X

Move Item A from Loc X to QMS_NonLP for Inspection using mobile device (did not ask for License Plate number)

After Inspection, close quality order

Create put-away using mobile device which creates work to move the Item A out of QMS_NonLP

Move Item A from QMS_NonLP to final picking location Y(NO LP tracking enabled) using mobile device. (Now asking for 'Target LP')

It is NOT letting us to skip the 'Target LP' even though Location Y is assigned to a location profile where LP is NOT enabled.

what is the setup to get rid of 'Target LP' in mobile device?

Please share your expertise.

Thanks in advance.