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Member Success Story: Serious Professionals with Serious AX Answers

By Delaney Freer posted Jun 18, 2019 05:17 PM


SSI SCHAEFER is the world-leading provider of products and systems for intra-company material handling and waste technology. With more than 70 operative subsidiaries and 10 global production facilities, SSI SCHAEFER develops innovative concepts and solutions for their customer’s industries. It’s during this process that SSI SCHAEFER shapes the future of intralogistics.

AXUG never leaves its members in the dark

Before Scott Tennant joined SSI Schaefer in 2015, he hadn’t experienced the community of AXUG in its entirety. During his time as a consultant with an AX Partner, he depended more on the network of consultants working with him in the office as well as TechNet and/or Microsoft blogs and articles to find answers.

When he was hired on as an IT Systems Manager at SSI Schaefer, AXUG was one of the first resources shared with him during onboarding and one that made a difference early on and continues to this day.
“AXUG answers are a ton more valuable than any old Joe on Google." - Scott Tennant

“The AXUG online forums have become one of my go-to resources for finding answers to questions around functionality, versions, and upgrading,” Scott adds. “It also feels great to help out where possible, sharing answers when I have them.”

Scott and a few of his colleagues regularly attend their local North Carolina Chapter meetings, one colleague even serves as an officer of the Chapter. “It’s very helpful to meet in person with other IT people like me, even if it’s not that “Summit” time of year,” Scott shares.

Summit to the Rescue!

User Group Summit has been a great driver for Scott and his team to identify where things are going in the market as well as for the AX product. Scott’s first User Group Summit was in Reno and he’s been to every Summit since.

Most recently, Scott and his colleague went to Summit Nashville with a very specific goal in mind- to find a permanent reporting tool for their needs in Microsoft Dynamics AX. They used the conference to vet out ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who could meet their reporting requirements.  

“Without AXUG, we would have been in the dark." - Scott Tennant

Scott preferred this process to identifying solutions over marketing and sales calls for a few reasons…

“Meeting with ISVs while at Summit is much more informal than sitting through a sales call and you can trust what you see. In the Partner Showcase sessions at Summit, you also have access to people who have tried the solutions and can speak truthfully on what works and what doesn’t,” Scott explains.

Scott and his colleague made the decision to go with Jet Reports and are very thankful they had the AXUG channel and AXUG Summit to aid in the process.

“AXUG helped us cut through all the marketing and find the right solution for us,” Scott says. “Without AXUG, we would have been in the dark.”

Another time AXUG community had Scott’s back was when the idea of moving their Human Resources system into AX was brought up by leadership. Scott knew it wasn’t a great move because of the limited functionality at the time, so he went to an AXUG Chapter meeting to ask his peers. “My opinions were validated and that made it much easier to go back to management and state my case.” Scott shares.

Why D365UG & AXUG? Scott’s Top Three…

1. SERIOUS AX PROFESSIONALS: “AXUG is a community of serious professionals who fully understand the gripes and struggles of the product. The range of experience varies so much within the community. For example, I don’t have a heavy technical background so topics around coding, computer setup, and networking tend to go over my head. In AXUG, I can talk to other IT teams with experience who can put it all in terms I understand. It’s so much better than the average Google answer, AND I can easily form a friendship with this fellow user.

2. INFORMAL ACCESS TO ISVS: “What works for one situation may not work for another, but AXUG helps you share and consume those reviews and best practices, so you don’t have to make vital purchasing decisions in the dark.”

3. REAL AS REAL CAN GET: “The advice and experience you get from the AXUG community are much more valuable than any old joe on Google. These experts relay real experiences and better yet, there isn’t an agenda other than helping one another out. You get real honest feedback, whether that’s negative or positive. That, in itself, has been invaluable.”

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