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AXUG Summit - AX 2009 & 2012 Users Find the Right Sessions For Your Role!

By Christen Anderson posted Sep 13, 2018 01:31 PM


Hello all AX 2009 and 2012 users,

Check out these AX 2009 and AX 2012 opportunities that await you at Summit 2018 in Phoenix! AXUG is committed to serving all users, whether you are using AX 2009, AX 2012, or D365FO. The session agenda is available at www.axugsummit.com, and contains over 90 sessions that address AX 2009 and AX 2012 functionality, and/or technical administration and project management! 

Find the right sessions for your role now:

Administrators and IT professionals 

Education abounds for those AX professionals who perform installation, ongoing maintenance and configuration tasks. If this is you, and you are responsible for ensuring your systems operate efficiently, and regularly store, back up and secure data we have a packed agenda for you. Just take a look at this offering: 

  • Becoming Ever More Intimate With Your SQL Indexes 
  • Simple Settings to Help Your AX 2009 or 2012 Solution Run Faster 
  • AX2012 Admin Grab Bag 
  • ERP Security in AX 2012 - Why Does it Matter? 
  • Help Dynamics AX is Slow! 
  • Building an AX Internal Support Practice 
  • How we Built a Compliant and Scalable Security Framework 
  • Implementing a Security Model in D365/AX 2012/AX 2009 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX and SQL Performance Tips and Tricks for all Versions 
  • Disaster Recovery Planning for Your Business Systems 
  • Getting Started With Azure 
  • Security Differences in AX 2009, AX 2012, and D365FO 
  • Using PowerShell to Administer Dynamics AX & SQL 



AX 2009 and 2012 developers will have a host of sessions focusing on customizing, creating integrations, and general X++ and web application development. You can also learn about the value of understanding the overlaying vs. extension model, as well as get great tips for managing your developer environments and for writing and debugging your own code: 

  • How to Develop Workflows in Dynamics 365FO and AX 2012 
  • Developer Issues With Ongoing Maintenance in AX 2012 
  • How to Refresh Your TEST Environment From Production 
  • Long Live AX: Web App Integrations in AX 2012 
  • Writing and Debugging Code for Better Performance 
  • Preparing Your Code to Upgrade to Dynamics 365FO 
  • What, Why and How of X++ Extensions 


Project/Implementation Managers 

AX project and implementation managers have a difficult and complex job—completing implementations and updates on time, on budget and meeting management goals and expectations. For those on legacy versions of AX, we’ve put together a solid list of sessions that will help you deliver your projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources. In addition, you’ll have the option to learn about Lifecyle Services in AX, to help ensure repeatable, predictable success with each roll-out of an implementation, update, or upgrade. When you leave Summit, you’ll be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and experience to appropriately apply a methodology to projects that have reasonably well-defined project requirements and deliverables. 

  • Data Migration: Isn’t it Just Exporting and Importing? 
  • Bridging the Gap: Smart Investments and Happy Users 
  • True Stories of Successful Project Management Across the Globe 
  • Leveraging Your Partner for Maximum Value and Success 
  • Change Management; Gaining User Buy-In 
  • Testing is not for SISSIES!  Let's Talk TESTING! 
  • Project Management Blues - A Roundtable Discussion 
  • Tracking Requirements With LCS and Visual Studio Team Services 
  • This Just Isn't Working! Reconfiguring an Implementation Plan 
  • Leveraging APQC & VSTS to Manage Your Project 
  • Business Process Modeler: What can it do for you? 
  • Work Breakdown Structure: More Than Project Management 
  • Leveraging Excel for Reporting and Data Manipulation 


Supply Chain  

Are you part of the supply chain at your organization, trying to connect the many moving parts of your operation? If you’re using AX 2009 or AX 2012, we have broad and deep content for you! Supply Chain features and functionality, regardless of version, is based on the same conceptual models and business processes, and applies to all AX users. We are digging into those functionalities and processes, and providing you with some great best practices as well as case studies to help enhance your success on a day-to-day basis. 

  •  Sales Order Kits With Warehouse Management in AX 2012 and  D365 
  • Take the Mystery out of Inventory Transactions 
  • Projects in a  Manufacturing Environment With Labor Tracking 
  • Using Lean Manufacturing Techniques in AX 2012 and D365 
  • AX2012 MRP:  From 13 Hours to 2 Hours 
  • Automating Data Generation From Product Configurator to Shop Floor 
  • Optimize Your Distribution Delivery Control Using Available-To-Promise Functionality 
  • Implementing Demand Forecasting in AX2012 and D365 
  • Member Showcase: Managing Inventory Accuracy 
  • Am I Covered?  Coverage Groups and Item Coverage in Master Planning 
  • That Field Does What?  Under Used Fields in Master Planning 
  • You did What With Inventory Transactions?! 
  • Turning Your Inventory from Liability to Asset 



Calling all AX2009 and AX 2012 finance clerks, managers, and business analysts! You may already have a moderate understanding of finance and accounting concepts and processes, but are most likely not expert. Summit can help with that! We’ve put together a broad and deep offering of sessions  to help you gain an understanding of which Finance functionalities and features apply to the different business processes, and how you can best use and streamline them in your day-to-day business. We’ll talk intercompany accounting, cost and production accounting, and all things Inventory accounting-related. And a bonus: Many of these sessions are available for CPE credits! 


  • Fixed Price Projects, and Revenue Recognition, and Currencies, Oh My! 
  • Everything About Streamlining Your Project Intercompany Transactions 
  • Financial Impacts of Production 
  • IFRS 16/ASC 842 – Are You Prepared for New Lease Standards 
  • Inter What?  Intercompany vs. Inter-unit Functionality in AX 2012 and D365FO 
  • Public or Private? Strong Internal Controls are Needed! 
  • Intercompany Trading Relations - Setup and Use 
  • Death by Month-End Reconciliation 
  • Inventory Value Report to Reconcile Inventory Sub-ledger 
  • The New Vendor Invoice Automation in Practice 
  • Getting to a Consolidated Financial Statement 
  • A Look at WIP Reporting: Budget vs. Actual 
  • Extending Your Balance Sheet With Posting Definitions 
  • Understanding Production Cost Accounting for the Best Outcome 
  • Understanding Revenue and Cost: Inventory and Purchasing Cost Accounting 
  • Inventory Posting Profiles: What Do They Mean?