D365UG/AXUG Summit Nashville

Subject: Attendee Tip: Check Out the Community Library

1.  Attendee Tip: Check Out the Community Library

Posted 10 days ago

​Keep an eye out for helpful downloadable materials available in the Event Community library (to access from the Event Community, click the Library tab). We post documents in here that will ensure your D365UG/AXUG Summit Nashville is nothing short of amazing. In the library, you'll find:

  • Countdown emails for attendees. Starting 6 weeks out from the conference, we began sending attendees informative emails that include helpful insight on everything on charitable opportunities at the conference, hotel reminders, networking events, and so much more. If you missed seeing the Week 4-6 emails in your inbox, you can take a look at them in the library. We will continue adding emails as we countdown the weeks to D365UG/AXUG Summit.

  • Fill your saddle bags. This folder contains a variety of PDFs, including a conference infographic, networking ideas, things to do and see in Nashville, and of course, our top educational opportunities during the conference.

  • Add Nashville flare to your Twitter Avatar. We love seeing your tweets throughout the conference from your favorite product tip to what party you're mixing and mingling at. Add some country spice to your Twitter profile to highlight your excitement and the fact that, hot dang, you're going to D365UG/AXUG Summit! It's easy and takes less than 20 seconds. Update your profile now.  

While these items are all great airplane reading, you're encouraged to take a look at these now so you can make sure your schedule is filled with the latest and greatest details before you hop on that plane (or horse). See you soon!

Whitney Mitchell
Community Event Communications Manager
Dynamic Communities, Inc.