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Your Workbook for Elicitation Techniques for Dynamics AX Consultants 

Apr 20, 2013 12:59 PM

I just need to share this information with you all, After along time of reading, researching and practicing, I decided to create this worksheet to summarize for you the information needed to understand what is Business Analysis, I hope this will help not only the Business Analysis Consultants but also the ERP Consultant. I Noticed that this topic have a little resources in Arabic language, so i prefer to summarize it with the same language i read it. Before going to the next sheets i just want to give you notes concern the business analysis itself. The argument is not the techniques and methods that you will conduct, Business analysis it is all depends on You. Why You? ... Anyone can have all the books related to "Business Analysis" and read it, and also practice & conduct these techniques, but this is not the issue, Books can offer the information needed and provide the guideline for you but will never give you the SKILLS. You have to consider your self as an instrument of change first, for all BA's and ERP consultants ,Your main Big Picture that you must have in any project or task is "CHANGE". You are making a change in Organizations, Business, People's life and work, so you have to prepare yourself first to gain and develop your Interpersonal skills, and then practice the techniques and methods that are mentioned in "UCD" Sheet. Business Analysis is only for Skilled people. Try to develop these skills, not for to be a Professional Business Analysis, but for your self. If you want to proceed in this sheet, i will give you a few notes that can help you to be a Professional Business Analysis Consultant.

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