Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

To access the community to register for events, post discussions, and network with your peers – among other things – you’ll need to sign in.

Don't have a login? Join by creating a username and password by:

  1. Click Join the Community button in the upper right corner
  2. Follow the prompts to complete your profile to sign in to the community.
  3. You will be asked to provide information about you (such as name, email, zip code) and about your organization to create your account.
Once logged in, click on the Participate navigation option drop down and make a selection.
All community participants are included in the Participant Directory located under the Resources menu option. Access to the Participant Directory is a User Member benefit; therefore you must be logged in to access it.
Please note, while contacts for partner organizations are listed in the directory, partners do not have access to search the directory.
Posts about job openings and/or announcements are not allowed in any user group online forums as per our Code of Conduct. This includes posting open positions at your company as well as advertising that you are looking for a job.

Login Support

You can reset both by completing the Forgot Password process. Click the Sign In button and select Forgot Password. Depending on the recovery methods you selected when you created your account, you will be asked to choose from the following recovery options: primary email, secondary email, or mobile phone.
There are two ways to update your username and/or password:
  • If not logged in, through the Forgot Password process.
  • If logged in, navigate to your Profile. Click on Update Contact Details, then Update Login.

Don't see the answer to your question? Our fantastic support team is standing by to help you out!

Ask Support


All memberships are 1-year in length from initial sign up date.
For end users of the Dynamics product, we offer two membership options:
  • Small Team: allows 3-5 unique logins to the User Group
  • Company: allows 6+ unique logins to the User Group

For Dynamics Partners and Consultants we offer one Partner & Consultant membership.

Visit the Membership Benefits page to learn more about membership structure and benefits.

Visit the Pricing page for current membership rates.
Members have access to all benefits of the User Group through their annual membership dues; including:
  • Discounts on Academy courses and conference registration
  • Attendance to all Local User Group meetings
  • Participation in all discussion forums and communities
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Participant directory access

Membership in the User Group community grants you websites access to,, and

Yes, the user group community has a growing international membership and many of our benefits, resources and educational opportunities are available online.

It will depend on the membership level. If your membership is at the small team or company level, your membership will remain with your organization.

If you have signed up for the individual membership and you leave your organization, your membership will transfer with you. Please be sure to update your profile with the correct contact information.

Profile, Account & Communication Management

You can access your profile two ways:
  1. Selecting Profile from the the drop down next to your picture in the upper right
  2. From the main navigation, Membership -> My Profile
Once logged in, navigate to your Profile by clicking the drop-down next to your picture in the upper right and clicking Profile.
You can edit your Contact Information two ways:
  1. Select the Update Contact Details button
  2. Click/tap the pencil icon next to Contact Details

Within your profile, click on the Actions button below the avatar. Select Change Photo from the drop down.

This is the main contact for the company. Primary Contacts can add/edit/remove users and edit/remove other Account Admins. The primary contact is the only person who can assign Roles. The primary receives email communications when the account is scheduled to be renewed. The primary will show on all membership invoices.
Navigate to your Profile and click on Change your Company. Enter company name to search for matches and select an existing record or choose Add New Account.
Primary Contacts can be changed through a Support Ticket. Please include the name and email adress of the new Primary Contact when submitting your request.
The Account Admin can add/edit/remove contacts associated with the account. Account Admins cannot remove other Account Admins. The Billing Contact receives email communications when the account is scheduled to be renewed.
Click on Add and Manage Users from within your profile. Within this section, you can Edit, Delete or Add users to your account.

Individual or Small Team memberships limit the number of users who can be added. To upgrade your membership, contact our membership team.

Deleting an individual from your company contacts will disassociate the individual from your company and its membership. It will not delete their profile on the User Group site.

In your profile, click on the subscription management button and select the emails you’d like to receive from us. You may update your subscription preferences at any time.

You can also manage or update your preferences for any online community notifications (including discussion notifications, messages from other community participants, contact requests, and other community messages) by visiting My Profile -> My Settings -> Email Preferences.

You may also update your preferences by sending a letter, calling, or submitting a support ticket.


  • Registrations can be easily transferred by clicking the Manage Registration Details link in the confirmation email that was sent.
  • Next click the Transfer Registration link and follow the prompts to transfer your registration to a colleague and SAVE.
If you have questions reach out to [email protected]
  • Registrations can be easily edited by clicking the Manage Registration Details link in the confirmation email that was sent.
  • Next click the Edit Details link, and the form will be displayed in which you can edit the registration details and SAVE.
If you have questions reach out to [email protected]
  • Webinars: Do not require a cancellation. If you keep your registration active, you will receive an email notification when the recording is added to the site.
  • Local User Group Meetings - Cancellation requested. Catering is ordered based off registration numbers. Visit the Local User Group Community post-event for recap posts and materials.
  • Academy Courses - Please see the Conference and Event Cancellation Policy for more information.
  • Conferences & Events - Please see the Conference and Event Cancellation Policy for more information.

Academy Courses or Conferences & Events - Please see the Conference and Event Cancellation Policy.
If you have questions reach out to [email protected].

Local User Group Meetings

  • Navigate to the Local User Group page and click My Meeting Registrations
  • Click on View Itinerary
  • Click Cancel Registration

Firewall & Site Access

Our website has three dedicated IP addresses which it is hosted on:, and If your company has firewalls set up to restrict website access these IP addresses will need to be added to your allowed list in order for you to access the site.
Please add the following IP addresses to your company's whitelist:
Yes, the website is compatible with all modern web browsers. We recommend using Edge, Firefox, or Chrome.

If you are using Safari, you will need to enable cookies and cross-site tracking in Privacy & Security area of the Settings.

Information about updating your browser