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Arbela - How to Easily Adopt AX 2012 Security Best Practices Methodologies and Approaches (Jul 2014) 

Jul 14, 2014 07:59 AM

Have you established the proper security framework within your Dynamics AX environment? Is your staff burdened and overwhelmed in managing users, roles, and/or user groups? Are you certain about your end-user license count? Are you in need of auditing, compliance, and reporting capabilities? We understand that the Dynamics AX 2012 security framework has greatly evolved since AX 2009. It is important to note that the security settings in AX 2012 require advanced knowledge and planning around best practices. Keeping in mind the overall affect that changes to security might have on your organization’s user licensing requirements; we invite you to attend “How to Easily Adopt Dynamics AX 2012 Security Best Practices, Methodologies, and Approaches” to learn strategies for 2012 AX Security Management from the most trusted and proven name in Dynamics AX Security. We will demonstrate how the Arbela Security Manager for AX 2012 proactively ensures all the best practices are followed. Some of the select topics for this webinar include: • Best practices in modifying and/or creating new roles • How to identify user licensing usage • Affects of changes to end user licensing when modifying and creating new roles • Tracking security changes to roles • Changing security on roles and the corresponding affect to other roles • Modifying action pane button security • Visualizing security access by roles or modules • Identifying conflicting privileges and duties for a segregation of duty rule • How to generate reports understanding roles, duties, and privileges

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