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Help with "Purchase Requisition Workflow" Reporting

  • 1.  Help with "Purchase Requisition Workflow" Reporting

    Posted Dec 05, 2021 12:55 PM
    We are looking for some insight on our Purchase requisition Workflow

    We have a "Purchase requisition review" workflow defined in "Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Procurement and sourcing workflows"

    How can we:
    1) Review ALL Open Purchase requisitions - so the our Procurement team may identify to whom a open requisitions are currently assigned to?
    2) Review ALL Purchase requisitions as they progressed through the "Purchase requisition review"  workflow - so that we may get some metrics/ KPI
    Is there a Data Entity to see workflow details?
    3) How may we share the setup of our "Purchase requisition review" workflow with our requisitioners & approvers? 
    Currently we are duplicating our workflow in an Excel document so that we can share it in a user-friendly manner 


    Thank you

    Rohit Sharma

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