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Warehouse Allocation

  • 1.  Warehouse Allocation

    Posted 29 days ago

    Dear All,

    Could you please help me on below task.

    I am a user of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

    I have more than 5000 products created without warehouse allocation.

    I have more than 12 warehouses

    I need to assign these 5000 products to all 12 warehouses.

    It is very hard job to assign each products to all warehouses.

    Now individual process I am doing as below

    1. Product information management
    2. Released products
    3. Selecting required product (selecting one product out of 5000)
    4. Manage inventory
    5. Warehouse items
    6. Click new and adding all 12 warehouses one by one.

    Again selecting another product and repeating all the above process.

    My request is that, any other simple and easy way to assign warehouse for 5000 products out 20000 products I have.

    The issue is, these 5000 products from different category and mixed up with other 15000 products. But I have a separate excel list for these 5000 products which is not part of any warehouse.

    I would appreciate if anybody can help me to find a easy process by applying all the products to 12 warehouses.

    Looking forwarded to receive your valuable feedback and discussion.

    Best regards,



    Denny Jose

  • 2.  RE: Warehouse Allocation

    Posted 25 days ago
    Are you on R3?

    If so, your best bet would be to use the DIXF feature to import these entries.  (If an out-of-the-box entity doesn't exist that meets your needs, you may need to create a custom entity/entities).

    Alternatively, you could create an X++ script to read from a CSV file and create the records that way.

    Daniel Zook
    Director of IT
    Dalton OH

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