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Free text invoices - ledger posting issues

  • 1.  Free text invoices - ledger posting issues

    Posted May 30, 2019 07:45 AM
    ​We recently upgraded to App version 10.0/PU 25. We moved from July 2017/PU 11 so this was a big upgrade for us as we were several versions behind. We have noticed something which we are having a difficult time explaining regarding free text invoices being manually keyed into D365. When keying free text invoices, sometimes the lines are not syncing to the GL. This happens randomly either when the free text invoice contains 1 line or multiple lines. In the case with multiple lines when these invoices fail, some lines sync and others do not. We have tried pressing save after keying each line but this seems to make no difference. I have technical folks from Avanade working with Microsoft on this but was hoping someone else had experienced it and could help us find a quick resolution. We do not think any custom code is involved at this point but we have not yet gotten to the bottom of it so I am not ruling that possibility out.

    Thanks in advance!

    Karl Arensdorf
    Corporate Controller
    Mansfield Oil Company
    Gainesville GA

  • 2.  RE: Free text invoices - ledger posting issues

    Posted May 30, 2019 09:50 AM
    we had something similar on an earlier version of D365. (I actually think it might have been the July 2017 one!)
    both free text invoices and sales orders would "post" but there would be no GL impact generated (no voucher).

    I think it was fixed by applying some kind of patch, sorry I cannot give more details - I was not working closely on this issue.

    Zvika Rimalt
    Functional Consultant
    Vancouver BC

  • 3.  RE: Free text invoices - ledger posting issues

    Posted Jun 12, 2019 02:32 PM
    Hi Karl,

    Have you check the [Subledger journal entries not yet transferred] table under General ledger > Periodic tasks tab. That may be caused by Batch transfer rule parameter. For now, the system won't be able to transfer subledgers to general ledger synchronously because Synchronous option has been deprecated by Microsoft.

    After D365 upgraded to Version 10.0, there may be an interval for subledger to generate general voucher. If you found Trial Balances are not correct and there is nothing in voucher, you can go to [Subledger journal entries not yet transferred] under General ledger > Periodic tasks tab, and hit [Transfer now] to generate voucher manually.
    Moreover, go to General ledger > Ledger setup > General ledger parameters > Batch transfer rule tab, change the Transfer mode into Asynchronous.

    I think that will be fixed for your issues.

    Lillian Li
    Financial Consultant
    Information Worker Services Company
    Xiamen, China

    Lillian li
    IWS Tech

  • 4.  RE: Free text invoices - ledger posting issues

    Posted Jun 13, 2019 08:26 AM



    Thank you for your response. We did run into the issue with synchronous suddenly not being "the way." When we upgraded, we were switched to asynchronous. We subsequently switched to batch processing because asynchronous was causing performance issues. I checked the Subledger journal Entries Not Yet Transferred and there appear to be none listed so I don't think this is the issue.


    Our partner firm has been digging into this and consulting with Microsoft and they are testing a theory currently. They believe that we have a batch job which is interfering with the manual free text invoice posting. The suspicious batch job posts free text invoices coming from our ERP systems and runs every 10 mins. This batch job has custom code involved too, making it all the more suspicious. I am hoping we figure it out very soon and will post the resolution when we do.


    Thanks again for your response.




  • 5.  RE: Free text invoices - ledger posting issues

    Posted Jun 13, 2019 09:48 AM

    Look at your settings in GL parameters, Synchronous has been taken away and you are now left with Asynchronous or Batch transfer options. Source documents will not immediately transfer to General ledger. Instead, a periodic job must be initiated to transfer the amounts-in detail or summary-from the subledger to the General ledger.

    You can view the entries that haven't been transferred to the General Ledger by navigating to General Ledger > Inquiries > Subledger Journal Entries Not Yet Transferred. This form will displays transactions that are 'pending transfer'. You should be able to transfer transactions to the GL from this form via the "Transfer Entry" button on the top of the form. The "Batch Transfer" button acts the same way. You can look at this by navigating to General Ledger > Periodic > Batch Transfer for Subledger Journals. Here, you can select the types of transactions you wish to transfer.

    Gary Screeton
    Sr Adviser System Architect
    DXC Technology
    Indianapolis IN

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