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  • 1.  D365FO production slowness due to LedgerActivityEntity

    Posted Sep 05, 2019 01:57 PM
    On a live customer production environment, we see recurring slowness and at times system freezing and have been suggested on LedgerActivityEntity as potential root cause.
    We don't use this entity in any data management import or export and wondering if anyone has experienced similar slowness / suggestions.

    Rahul Mohta
    Advisor - D365FO
    Real Dynamics

  • 2.  RE: D365FO production slowness due to LedgerActivityEntity

    Posted Sep 06, 2019 02:02 PM
    We also experienced issues with slow performance.  Most of that was corrected by updating to v 10 pl 28.  There could be several reasons why you are seeing this.  We finally narrowed it down to how some of the queries were pulling data.  Have you had anyone do a trace on the transactions that they are performing when they experience this slow down?  is this a issue across all of D365 or only for some users performing a specific task?​

    Erik Fischer
    ERP Program Manager
    HBD Industries
    Dublin OH

  • 3.  RE: D365FO production slowness due to LedgerActivityEntity

    Posted Sep 07, 2019 04:07 PM

    We as well are experiencing extreme slowness on Management Reporter utility specifically tied to the "General Ledger to fact" integration step of Management Reporter; most notably since upgrading to 10.0.4.  The Management Reporter utility was running upwards of 3+ days without a successful refresh of the "General Ledger to fact" integration step.  A review of LCS 'long running queries' isolated a specific query that spawned upwards of six (6) concurrent SPIDs causing a deadlock affecting on-line performance especially with the MPOS (Point of Sales)....  We immediately killed the SPIDs and the performance snapped back to acceptable, however a SEV-A last weekend resulted in a rebuild of the Management Reporter Data Mart...  Upon the rebuild we were able to achieve a successful refresh of the Data Mart, however, yet again a secondary error occurred whereby the Trial Balance for MTD reconciled, however YTD balances were off significantly.  Thje resolution to this error was a back-end 'hot-fix' to apply a KB this is available in 10.0.5.

    LCS: KB 4506583: Transactions posted to a period with more than 32 days will not be available in Financial reporting reports


    This issue is resolved in the v10.0.5.

    Joe MacPherson
    Coldwater Creek
    Hingham MA

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