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[Public Sector] Positing Definitions crossing Funds

  • 1.  [Public Sector] Positing Definitions crossing Funds

    Posted Apr 05, 2020 07:55 PM
    I have a client that requires activity from AP (and all other sub-ledgers and GL) to not only cross funds but be posted to very specific due to and due from accounts. These accounts are numbered in the same sequence as the funds they correspond to. The only reason for this is the ease of reconciliation and efficient "payback" of these due to/ from scenarios.

    Posting definitions help solve most of the obstacles, but there is no way to have secondary matching criteria to find the proper due to/from account to post the offset to. Here is a sample of the entry:

    AP Invoice Sample XX123
    Account Structure = Fund, Department, Main Account, Location

    Printing for Fund 1 - $200.00  |  01-1000-5435-01
    Printing for Fund 2 - $100.00  |  02-1000-5435-01

    Required Generated Entries:

    AP for Fund 1 | 01--2100- = $200.00
    AP for Fund 2 | 02--2100- = $100.00
    on Fund 2 ledger - Due to Fund 1 | 02--1801- = $100
    on Fund 1 ledger - Due to Fund 2 | 01--1802- =$-100

    I'm fine using a flow-thru Fund, 99. But I cannot seem to get the entries highlighted above to default, as there's no way to tell the posting definition that the matching starts with fund 1 and needs to validate to fund 2.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Charlie West
    Campus Management Corp.
    Boca Raton FL
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: [Public Sector] Positing Definitions crossing Funds

    Posted Apr 06, 2020 06:05 PM
      |   view attached
    We use the generated entries to post utility bills where we are paying our own Water, Sewer electric department with a unique posting definition. When this posting definition is used we do the following:
    1) Post the invoice for specific expenses: water, sewer, storm water, electricity, and an ecosmart electricity fee.  We have a specific main account for each tye if expense In the 2) posting definition each main account is in the match criteria
    3) for each specific main account  generated entries hit
    a) GL cash account for decreasing any fund that is expensing this
    b) GL cash to add the revenue from the expense to the operating fund for the revenue the expense
    c) due to others entry to the operating fund of the specific account I think you are looking for image below and I attached a JPG.
    These are processed as vendor invoices with this posting definition.

    Posting Definition for generated entries with internal utility interface

    Tom Noorkah
    Director of Financial Systems
    City of Columbus
    Columbus OH


    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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