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  • 1.  Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted Apr 23, 2018 04:37 PM
    While reviewing a request to provide access to the function of rename ​​​a "product." (product information management-products-products-record information-rename), I discovered that it appears only the sys admin can execute this function. Is this a function a non-sys admin should be undertaking. It Appears that it has been SOP for our MEs to do this for some time. Just because they can do it (I had two cohorts from manufacturing engineering who were sys admins - one has left the company) doesn't mean it should be done.
    Something seems inherently wrong with this approach. My IT co-workers thinks the MEs are just doing this as a shortcut.

    Larry Hunter
    Mooney International Corp.
    Kerrville TX

  • 2.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted Apr 23, 2018 05:28 PM
    Hi Larry,

    Can you help me understand what you mean with SOP and ME? Renaming a product should be really an exception. Like you write it in your post, it seems to be common practice here. Is somebody making too many mistakes on product creation?

    kind regards,

    André Arnaud de Calavon [Designation]
    Kaya Consulting
    The Netherlands

  • 3.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted Apr 24, 2018 07:14 AM
    Edited by Larry Hunter Apr 24, 2018 07:58 AM
    ​ME=Manufacturing Engineering; SOP=Standard Operating Procedure.
    Like I said, I just discovered they were doing this. I think they perceive this as a shortcut.

    Larry Hunter
    Mooney International Corp.
    Kerrville TX

  • 4.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted Apr 24, 2018 07:28 AM
    ​I agree, renaming a product should be a rare thing, however in the case you mention, it appears to be a common place thing. I would investigate to see why it is occurring so frequently. It was a developer/sys admin task to do the rename, this is due to the nature of what happens and the system impact and possibility of inducing errors while the process is being conducted. I think your first step is to find the root cause of all the renames, and see if there is a simple fix. Something like a signoff sheet that means all have agreed  and all the work is completed before using the item and thus no rename needed.

    Paul Martin
    Production Program Manager
    Elite Comfort Solutions, LLC
    Conover NC

  • 5.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted May 11, 2018 11:15 AM
    Product information management > Products > Products > Record information > Rename

    This path will cause a rename of the product RecId which I cannot imagine would EVER need to be done.

    Renaming Items (Released products), however, is pretty commonplace and, out-of-box, requires SysAdmin access.
    Renaming Product display name requires lower access

    In our companies we developed a custom role which can perform this function without granting SysAdmin role to do it
    Here are the requirements:

    Tables require Effective access = Update

    There are a number of reasons to rename an item:
    1. Intercompany products
    2. changing the dimensions, inventory profile, or configuration technology (must create new item and cancel old)

    Richard Wehmeyer
    Chattanooga TN

  • 6.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted May 11, 2018 11:34 AM
    ​thank you for the insight. Might look into creating such a role. However, in visiting with those involved in this, it does appear they are trying to take a shortcut to resolve  a previous mistake.

    Larry Hunter
    Mooney International Corp.
    Kerrville TX

  • 7.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted May 15, 2018 09:21 AM
    I see several in this thread referring to the rename process as a shortcut. However, I don't think that is a fair characterization of the issue.  

    There are several settings on an item(for example storage/tracking dimension groups) which cannot be changed once an item has been transacted.   When mistakes are made, and incorrect dimension groups are assigned a solution is required to correct the mistake.   The only method I am aware of to correct this involves using a database rename on the old item, so that the item number can be reused on a newly corrected item.   

    I think this not being a proper function of the system is a gap on Microsoft's part; mistakes will be made so there needs to be a process to correct them.  Right now that process is using the database rename to change an item number.  

    We do this process with AX2012R2 frequently.


    Corey Vantilborg
    ERP Analyst
    Tigercat International Inc.
    Brantford ON

  • 8.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted May 14, 2018 09:20 AM

    Hi - 

    Some additional context for this discussion.

    In prior releases of Dynamics AX, before database normalization, the Rename process served up an Item Number rather than a RecID.

    Database normalization changed that (along with the ECORES... tables).

    Also, extreme care needs to be taken where changing Item Dimensions (Storage, Tracking, etc.) and other aspects once Transactions have taken place. We prohibit this in many instances to keep customers and partners out of trouble. The first sign of trouble usually shows up weeks/months later in Inventory Close.


    Dave Phillips
    Sr Support Escalation Engineer
    Fargo ND

  • 9.  RE: Renaming product - sys admin only

    Posted May 15, 2018 11:02 AM
    Hi All! 
    A few comments here. First, you CAN change storage/dimension groups after items have been transacted, but it is a very lengthy process of closing all open transactions for an item, removing inventory, usually closing inventory (depending on your costing method), changing the dimensions, and then putting everything back in. That is the correct way to do it...or you can create a new item. 

    Next, I have to side with Dave here. Instead of dealing with the security issue, try to address the core issue to begin with as the 'rename' should be the last-resort, not the first option. Have you considered adding a workflow or business process for approvals? Maybe an item template? For other users who may read this post in the future with a similar issue that have config keys on for Retail, the rename function is NOT available because it creates further issues with the POS. 

    Good luck!

    Kimberly Tallman
    Solution Architect
    Hitachi Solutions

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