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  • 1.  D365 Job card terminal > Start quantity

    Posted Jul 15, 2020 03:01 PM

    I have a question surrounding the Job card terminal and the Start quantity.  On a normal Batch order, we have 1 input item (X) that produces 1 output item (Z).  For this example, if we have 100 LBS of item X, when we start the Job through the Job card terminal we set the Start quantity to 100 LBS as again that's what we're starting with.  Makes sense...pretty simple.  However, let's say we have 2 input items (X and Y) that come together to produce 1 output item (Z).  In this example it's not necessary 1-1, so it takes a certain percentage of X and Y to make up Z.  So for our example we plan to start with 300 LBS of X and 308 LBS of Y to make 300 LBS of Z.  For this example, what is my Start quantity on the Job card terminal?  608 LBS...the total quantity I have between items X and Y?  300 LBS...the total quantity I plan to produce for item Z?  Or somewhere in-between?



    Chris Harrison
    IT Integration Manager
    Fort Wayne Metals
    Fort Wayne IN

  • 2.  RE: D365 Job card terminal > Start quantity

    Posted Jul 16, 2020 06:36 AM
    Hi Chris,
    If I'm understanding your question correctly, the root issue sounds like a misunderstanding of what the system is looking for when entering a Start quantity. It is not looking for initial quantities for raw materials, it is looking for an initial quantity of the parent item that is being produced. Example: I have a production (or batch) order for 100 of my parent item. In my process, I may commence production on all 100 simultaneously or I may only start some of that required 100 - for instance half of that amount or 50 - an then come back at a later point and start the remaining 50 as a separate wave through production. The Job Card Terminal function in the system is fine to use when entering data like setup or run hours, it isn't a good alternative when attempting to record raw material or ingredient picks to an order.

    If you are also using Advanced WMS in conjunction with production, things get a little more complicated. If this is true in your scenario, I would suggest reviewing this article from my good friend Evert Bos, he does his usual great job of offering guidance: https://msdynamicsworld.com/story/manufacturing-execution-and-advanced-warehousing-microsoft-dynamics-365-ax.

    Jack Moran
    Solutions Architect
    MCA Connect
    Greenfield NH

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