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  • 1.  Mobile app in D365 FO

    Posted Dec 03, 2019 06:28 AM

    Hello everyone

    I am trying to edit an existing mobile app, but have realized that it is not that easy to work on an existing app, as it is to create a new one from scratch.

    I am hoping that some of you can give a couple of pointers as to what would be the best approach when working on existing apps.

    Can I get a preview of the app before publishing the app to the end user, and see what field is used in the app?

    What is the best way to make a revers search in order to figuring out what table fields is used on each side in the mobile app?

    I get the feeling that the app is great for creating new mobile apps, but the maintains of them is not that straightforward, is that correct?


    Best regards



  • 2.  RE: Mobile app in D365 FO

    Posted Dec 04, 2019 10:45 AM
    Hi Patras,

    When we were creating a new one for requisitions, we wanted to edit the PO one to see some of the functionality and found that the existing one wasn't editable - I'm not sure if that's changed.  We did export and then import and were able to see how that one was built at least, but a basic app is better to start from scratch.  You do need a mobile phone or device to view and test it, though and it does have to be published, but you can do it in a test environment and then export/import the app to production.  Also, there is no guarantee that the functionality you want is available to be added to the mobile workspace - you will see that it is not selectable (for example, GL distributions are frequently not OOB available).

    Shirley Adams
    Solution Architect
    AKA Enterprise Solutions
    New York NY

  • 3.  RE: Mobile app in D365 FO

    Posted Dec 04, 2019 11:24 AM
    Hi Patrick,

    I would echo Shirleys' comment that the std apps are not accessible to change and we found a lot of issues using them in practice for a customer. We weren't able to support them on any issue they had. THinkgs like somebody got a new mobile and it wouldn't work, new phone software releases etc.

    With all the new PowerPlatform tools to hand now though it is far easier to create your own and get them up and running in no time at all

    Mark Bailey
    Application Consultant

  • 4.  RE: Mobile app in D365 FO

    Posted Dec 10, 2019 09:06 AM

    Hi Shirley and Mark

    Thank you for the answers.

    I am still a little uncertain about some of things with the apps.

    When looking at the standard apps that is accessible and the ones we have the opportunity to create from scratch. It seems that there is quite a different in what is possible to set up. Example could be the layout and the camera function in expense management. Would it be possible to set up the camera function from within d365 when creating an app?

    In addition, it seems, that in order to maximize the benefit of working with the apps, the administrator need to have access to visual studio, is that correct?

    And I have not been able to find any tutorial or educational material on the best practice for maintenance of the apps, after having published them to production. I have only been able to find the approach for creating the apps. If you have any links to material that would be greatly appreciated.


  • 5.  RE: Mobile app in D365 FO

    Posted Dec 11, 2019 06:57 AM

    Hi Patrick

    You can create app from scratch, or copy and change application using basic apps. About camera - not sure - didn't had a chance to play with, Just know that camera is used in Expense Reports. You can find samples of camera usage in Expense managemet business logic. And this is also applied to your second question - using simple MobileApp menu in DFO client - you can create only simple applications. For any additional changes - you need developer with access to the Visual Studio. All additional business logic, all fancy tricks with mobile app look - can be done only via JavaScript  

    About materials - I found 5 short youtube videos with How To - helped a lot. With everything else I was investigating base functionality of Mobile Expense Management. And you need a lot of patience... Cause this thing is not working properly.

    For example - it's almost impossible to debug something.

    Igor Illiashenko
    Western Computer

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