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inventory posting

  • 1.  inventory posting

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi All

    I am setting up Procurement and sourcing for multiple company in same instance. Is there a way to upload Posting profile using ATLAS or DIEF or Script  under instead of copying and pasting over 300 lines

    Inventory Management -> Set up -> Posting -> Posting -> Purchase order - Purchase expenditure for expense


    Nazim Lalji
    Dynamics AX Analyst


  • 2.  RE: inventory posting

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi Nazim,

    In AX2012 I don't believe Microsoft have released an entity to cover off the Inventory postings (SalesOrder,PurchaserOrder,Inventory). However if you have atlas you can set up an upload template to do this for you (Note: It would be worth checking GlobalSoftware support site as they may have a template configured already)
    If not the AX table you need to populate is "InventPosting".
    For the main account you will need to reference the RecId in that table so you may have to get the data from the DimensionAttributeValueCombination table.  Relationship: InventPosting.LedgerDimension== DimensionAttributeValueCombination.RecId.
    Atlas should already have this relationship configured on the table as it is a defined relationship in the AOT so you should be able to add the "DisplayValue" field to the template without too much trouble.

    Hope this helps


    Mark Bailey
    Application Consultant

  • 3.  RE: inventory posting

    Posted 11 days ago
    Atlas uses the tables still in AX2012, so yes you could use Atlas to do this. When you upgrade to D365, then you have to use the entities in OData. If the entities you need are not public, then you can create an extension and make it public and then you could use Atlas in D65 as well.

    Paul Martin
    Production Program Manager
    Elite Comfort Solutions, LLC
    Rutherfordton NC

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