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  • 1.  AX2012 R3-Payroll Benefit Accrual Plans-PTO

    Posted Jul 31, 2019 10:29 AM

    ​Good Morning:

    Looking for someone that is currently or has used Benefit Accrual Plans in Payroll to automate their PTO accrual process.

    We have this implemented since the first of the year and for the most part it works great for our Weekly Hourly Payroll.  The Plan Rules are pretty straight forward.  We have 4 levels based on the years/months of service with the company.  Each level has a unique rate (number of hours) that is added to the Worker's Available Balance.  We have defined a Max Accrual Limit which we feel should be the maximum amount a Worker can have in their Available Balance at any time.  We've also defined a Minimum Balance.  In all cases, we allowed Workers to go -40 at any time.

    We are seeing issues with Worker's Available Balance going below the minimum of -40, i.e., -45 as well as on the opposite end -> AX is not capping a Worker's Available Balance or stopping the accrual once the Worker reaches the Maximum Accrual Limit value.

    When we look at the description provided for the Maximum Accrual Limit field, AX indicates it is the maximum number of hours a Worker can accrue during the year.  I'm wondering if this is where we have gone wrong in thinking this field was tracking the Maximum Available Balance for a Worker at any time.  If that is the case, where in AX do you define the Maximum Available Balance (not Accrual Limit)??

    I can provide specific examples with numbers to better illustrate once I see a reply.

    Thank you!
    Sharon Nolan

    Sharon Nolan
    Senior ERP Business Analyst
    Bay Industries Inc.
    Green Bay WI

  • 2.  RE: AX2012 R3-Payroll Benefit Accrual Plans-PTO

    Posted Aug 01, 2019 06:49 PM

    In AX2012 payroll, the benefit accrual field "maximum accrual limit" represents the maximum a person can accrue in the year for their benefit accrual plan. Unfortunately, out of the box, the functionality doesn't consider and vacation already taken from the plan in the accrual period. For example, if a worker is allowed to accrue 80 hours per year, but uses 60 of those hours as vacation paid in the year, the system will *still* allow that worker to accrue another 40 hours, up to the limit of 80 hours accrued. The same is true for the negative balance.

    If there is a need to stop the accrual as a true "annual maximum accrual" where they can only accrue up to a certain amount and anything beyond that value is not accrued, this can be achieved with a modification to the functionality to build in the logic to have the accrual stop once the maximum "annual accrued" value is reached, including consideration of any taken vacation time.  Similarity, you can consider a modification to only allow a plan to reach the negative balance and then stop the worker from taking more vacation time.


    Alternatively, you would want to put in a business process to monitor accruals and taken values each pay period and manually adjust the accrued values should someone surpass the limit as set up in the plan. When an employee goes past the limit you can set the stop flags on the worker benefit accrual so that the accrual/taking of vacation is no longer allowed. This would need to be reviewed each year when your plan year resets.

    Please let us know if you'd like to discuss further... would be happy to set up a call.

    Thank you!

    Kimia Moini
    Marketing Automation Manager
    Arbela Technologies
    Irvine CA

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