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  • 1.  Aging Reports

    Posted Mar 18, 2020 11:36 AM
    Greetings everyone and best wishes!
    we have a question about credit and collections/aging reporting in D365.

    We need to do a cross company report, so right now we go to the credit and collection module/customer aging report. We have to export company by company and then pull together in Excel. We KNOW these numbers are accurate.

    We have been trying PowerBI live connection to D365 online and pull the CustAgingStaging entity, but the numbers are wrong for various reasons (depending on the company).

    Does anybody have an idea for us in terms of pulling ONE cross company report? The CustAgingStaging entity is the only aging balance table there.
    Any advice is welcome and have a safe positive day!

    Bill Gamble

    William Gamble
    Augeo Affinity Marketing
    St. Paul MN

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