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A fun find for the vague/nebulous "Unknown result of minimum requirement" error

  • 1.  A fun find for the vague/nebulous "Unknown result of minimum requirement" error

    Posted May 14, 2019 09:24 AM
    Edited by Steve Emmons May 14, 2019 09:26 AM
    This was a fun find that one of my esteemed colleagues (who wishes to remain nameless) discovered.  I wanted to post our findings on this, as I was unable to find any hit on this particular error in any of the typical AX message boards.

    The scenario/error:  Our typical nightly MRP execution kicked off about a week ago and terminated abruptly with a hard batch error after about 15 mins.  The Infolog returned the following message:

    After pinging our partners on this error and doing the obligatory web searches for any direction, we ultimately found ourselves scratching our heads as to what the problem was that would return this vague "Unknown result of minimum requirement" error - an error that none of us had seen before.

    The culprit, as it was discovered, was that several items had been updated through one of the typical processes we used to mass correct/change item attributes (DIXF or Atlas), and in this case, an empty field value was passed to the ReqItemTable.MinSatisfy field.  As this field stores and enumerated value from the Base enum "ReqMinSatisfy", and nulls weren't allowed, a value was captured in the field, but not one represented by any in the valid, referenced base enum.

    In our case, this is a AX2012 R2 environment.  Besides putting in some preventative measures to avoid accidental updating of the ReqMinSatisfy field to a value not represented by the ReqMinSatisfy base enum, our corrective action moving forward (should this error happen again) is to look for any values other than the 0,1,2, and 4 enum range.

    Steve Emmons
    UniCarriers Americas

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