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On-hand inventory grid (Inventory and WHSE MGMT/inquiries/on-hand)

  • 1.  On-hand inventory grid (Inventory and WHSE MGMT/inquiries/on-hand)

    Posted Jul 09, 2019 03:51 PM
    I have many end users asking if there is a way to clear the lines with all "Blank" fields that have zero physical inventory, reservations, or on-order?  I realize there are transactions behind each one of these lines, however, users are expressing the frustration of looking at the information they don't want to see on this grid.  I have included a screenshot with info. the end users are frustrated about.  Is there a clean-up job that can take care of these transactions within this grid?

    I appreciate your feedback in advance.

    AX 2012 R2

    Erick Stebbings
    Senior ERP Process Leader

  • 2.  RE: On-hand inventory grid (Inventory and WHSE MGMT/inquiries/on-hand)

    Posted Jul 10, 2019 04:31 AM
    Hi Erick,

    you can try with Cleanup batch jobs in Inventory management. We saw that On-hand entries aggregation by financial dimensions and On-hand entries cleanup (or Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup if you have WMS) will help you to clean that up. Of course, test first in your testing environment.

    Vjekoslav Levacic
    XAL Holding GmbH


  • 3.  RE: On-hand inventory grid (Inventory and WHSE MGMT/inquiries/on-hand)

    Posted Jul 10, 2019 12:12 PM
    ​One of the things I routinely do is to press Ctrl-F3 to open the advanced filter form.  From there, you can add a line to the filter to select on hand records on which the physical inventory is not equal to zero (!0).  You can even save that filter so that you can apply it directly on the form.  You need to be a bit careful if you are using warehouse management.  Warehouse management holds inventory at the site/warehouse/inventory status/location/license plate/batch ID/serial ID level, but makes physical reservations at the site/warehouse/inventory status level.  If you exclude locations with no on-hand, you will not see the reservations.

    Kevin McLean
    Strategic Solutions NW, LLC
    Beaverton OR


  • 4.  RE: On-hand inventory grid (Inventory and WHSE MGMT/inquiries/on-hand)

    Posted Jul 10, 2019 06:23 PM

    Have you checked your Dimension Display settings?  There is a check box for Quantity <>0.


    Dan Murphy
    Special Projects
    San Diego CA


  • 5.  RE: On-hand inventory grid (Inventory and WHSE MGMT/inquiries/on-hand)

    Posted Jul 11, 2019 11:15 AM
    Edited by Jennifer Knight Jul 11, 2019 11:15 AM
    ​The blank lines are an indication that there are transactions that aren't financially settled.  This could be any number of types of transactions, depending on the part.  Sales Orders need to be invoiced, Purchase Orders need to be Invoiced/Paid, Production Orders need to be Ended.  All of these will financially settle the part and they will no longer show up as a blank line.  You can test it with one part, by looking at the transaction history and finding any transaction without a financial date.  Complete that transaction(s) and hopefully it should then no longer appear as blank.

    If this method doesn't work for all parts, you may also need to Recalculate the system for Inventory Management, but these should be the exception not the rule.

    Jennifer Knight


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