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  • 1.  AX R3 Warehouse functionalities

    Posted Apr 14, 2014 09:41 AM

    Does anyone knows if AX R3 have some functionalities for 3D nesting?  Capabilities to optimize the packaging of orders based on product physical dimensions, caracteristics (ex: cannot put sideway) and box dimensions.  Some ISV exist in the market, but I heard that AX have some new functions but I cannot find it in video démos or documents.  Anyone can help?


    Dany Lefebvre
    Business Analyst
    Negotium Technologies Inc.
    Montreal QC


  • 2.  RE:AX R3 Warehouse functionalities

    Posted Apr 18, 2014 09:12 AM

    Yes, the new warehouse functionality in R3 supports functionality to do "containerization".  Our company, Blue Horseshoe wrote this as part of what was sold to Microsoft.

    You can define product dimensions by unit of measure, and you can also define the dimensional, weight, and percent pack of the cartons/pallet (e.g. containers) for which you want products packed.  The tool supports 6 levels of nesting as well I believe, where you can build containers based on other containers.  For example, you could pack loose into a container (box), and then build a shipping pallet of those packed containers and say, full case picks.

    The baseline logic is volumetric, with dimensional fit.  So the system makes certain that the product can fit in the box dimensionally.  Then it determines capacity availability be volume.

    Blue Horseshoe has also made available some other cartonization strategies in our Advanced WAX product which is above and beyond the functionality available in R3.  Examples include nesting of products.  Things like bowls that can fit inside one another, so each new one is just incremental, not the full product volume.  And different dimensions based on the function.  For example, the packing dimension might be different for a breakable item, because we have to put bubble wrap around it to protect it.  But when we store it in the warehouse, we don't.  So we have different physical dimensions for purpose in the advanced version.

    Be happy to discuss this further with you.  Feel free to contact me at the number below.

    Steve Jones
    Enterprise Practice Director
    Blue Horseshoe

  • 3.  RE:AX R3 Warehouse functionalities

    Posted May 01, 2014 04:01 PM
    Would this functionality be able to take into account the size of a trailer and build pallets of product to best fit the trailer.

    Jason Valentine
    Senior Business Systems Analyst
    Amtrol Inc
    West Warwick RI

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