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Technical Session Information and No Code Development Approach

  • 1.  Technical Session Information and No Code Development Approach

    Posted May 26, 2017 10:21 AM
    Hello everyone,

    I thought I would share various notes about our sessions.  I'll talk about the other sessions in separate posts before our AXUG meeting, but I wanted to share the intent behind the technical session.  The goal here was to really develop our sessions with unique content that would really aid our Dallas community.  This involved finding experts and content that would be deemed as useful.

    On the technical session, we are going to introduce a new approach to Dynamics AX/Operations Development -- the "no code" approach.  Our speaker is going to fully demo the creation of an Application with no code while demystifying the "Common Data Model".

    Developers and our technical users, if you are building any sort of applications that involve integrations, mobile devices, BI portals, or custom connections to other services, you do not want to miss this educational session on the Common Data Model.  Essentially, in my opinion, it is the most significant change in the new version of Dynamics and will be critical component to understand.


    Brandon Ahmad
    Dynamics Technical Architect
    Brandon Ahmad
    Grapevine TX

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