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Why Your CFO Should Choose (or upgrade) Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Part One

By Jarrod Kraemer posted May 06, 2015 04:37 PM


There are hundreds reasons why your CFO would be impressed with what Microsoft Dynamics AX can offer your organization.  Today, we are going to skim the surface and look at the top reasons why your CFO should choose Microsoft Dynamics AX as his or her ERP solution.   

Financial Dimensions

With Microsoft Dynamics AX your organization has the ability to create an unlimited number of custom financial dimensions.  This allows you to breakdown data into more descriptive categories providing more extensive financial analysis capabilities.

Shared Financial Accounting Structure

With AX you can share your chart of accounts, fiscal calendars, and account structures to provide transparency where you need it in different legal entities within your company. 

Tax Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics AX has extensive tax management capabilities giving your organization flexibility in the way that you choose to calculate, post, and report taxes. 

Cash and Bank Management Capabilities

The cash and bank management module allows you to track you to track your fund as you make deposits, reconcile between accounts, transfer funds, generate checks and make payments, and manage letters of guarantee.  There are also electronic payment options to deal with both customers and vendors electronically and efficiently.  This module integrates with your AP, AR, and GL to effectively manage your cash flow and analyze your liquidity position. 

Budgeting Functionality

In AX Budget control can be set up for any of the financial dimensions used in your organization.  Within the Budgeting module you can view budget control statistics, actual versus budgeted amounts, budget details, and budget funds available.  Budget control can be integrated with GL, T&E, Procurement and Sourcing, Project Management, Fixed Assets and Human Resources modules and will prevent transactions from posting without sufficient funds available in the budget.


AX has over 800 pre-built reports to help your business analyze data and make important financial decisions.  Your organization can generate numerous reports within any module with just the click of a button.   Microsoft also provides 65 KPIs that are frequently used by end users.  Developers can also create custom reports which may not be included out of the box.  Any report generated in AX can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.  

Tune in later this week for part two of this blog entry.  For additional information please feel free to reach out to us at info@loganconsulting.com or (312) 345-8817.

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